How To: Check for Proportions

Check for Proportions

What Are Proportions?

Proportions are 2 ratios that are equal.

How Do We Check for Proportions?

Checking for proportions is quite simple. All you need to do is cross multiply and if both are equal, then it is a proportion, but if it not, then it isn't a proportion. For example, let's say that we are told to check if the two ratios, 16/24 and 4/6, are a proportion. To do so, we cross multiply. We multiply 16 • 6, which equals 96 and 24 • 4, which also equals 96. The two are equal, which means that yes, it is a proportion. In another example, we are told to do the same thing but with 30/63 and 5/9. Again, we cross multiply. 30 • 9 equals 270 and 63 • 5 equals 315. Are the two equal? No. This means that they aren't a proportion.

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